Friday, February 25, 2011

Brain Training

Every day is a lesson here at the Mezoff Monjan household.  We are constantly asking Ben to repeat and say words, identify shapes and colors and letters, etc.   And he is picking it up like a sponge.  I am constantly amazed when he picks up something new, like pointing to the moon and saying moon or crescent, or identifying and saying circle, or being able to pick out the snow plow picture from all the other ‘Big Trucks” that he sees in his book, or by saying that something is blue (ok everything is blue these days but good grief he’s only twenty months!).  I feel like sometimes we are living in a constant gameshow where Ben needs to be tested with all the trivia that he has.  And then some days, he surprises me by coming out with a word that I had no idea he knew, like Shark, which was on my Sharkweek shirt.  

The words currently most in rotation now, besides no, are Chair, because who wouldn’t prefer going to sleep in a chair on mommy or daddy as opposed to a crib, and the other word is Office, because that is where Mommy plays videos on youtube for Ben.   And it’s quite an eclectic mix of videos for Ben.  He is very much into Alphabet and phonics songs and videos, in addition to ‘big truck’, ‘meow’, ‘bus’ and his latest and greatest ‘cuckoo cuckoo’ which means he wants to see the video of the world’s largest cuckoo clock and then imitate the dancing figures by twirling himself around until he is dizzy.   And he is truly clear about which videos he wants to watch and when.  All you have to do is move the cursor over his selections and you hear no no no  yes.   And then sometimes the ‘yes’ video once playing turns quickly into a NO video.  It really is hard to please a toddler.