Friday, January 14, 2011

The Perfect Parent

Ok now that I am nineteen months into this ‘mom experiment’, I have to look back on my progress and laugh.  I am, at many times, the mother I never thought I would be.  PreBen I believed in making my own food for him, always buying organic for his food, barely letting him watch tv and I was also going to prove all my friends wrong that one could in fact multitask it all with a child.  Good gravy was I wrong.  This was my thought process both this morning when Ben lazed back on our bed, watching Spongebob Squarepants with his two thumbs perched on the inside of his front diaper (he is his father’s child) and then later again tonight when I plopped us in bed with him and the IPad as I tried to get caught up on Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, don’t judge) from last season.   And frankly I am thinking it now as I watch him bang his head on the crib in an effort to woo me to come and get him from his nighty night time.  I never would have thought I could so cavalierly say to Matt, “let him bang his head, he’ll stop if he really hurts himself” as we watch it play out on the baby monitor and hear the rhythmic thuds.   My friend Susan likes to laugh at me, because I would always question her parenting and ask ‘couldn’t she just walk away from the child for a minute so we can get thru a conversation without 80 interruptions’.  She just mocks me now and is very satisfied that life has turned out this way for me. 

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