Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Open Door Policy

Let me start by saying, yes I know Ben is too early to potty train.  That being said, Ben has really become aware lately of PEEYEW, his moniker for when he farts (quite often and frankly beneficial because now the dog doesn’t get blamed so much), poops or pees.    After doing one of the above he looks at us and says PEEYEW and sometimes waves his hand in front of his face with a grimace as mommy and daddy have done so many times in the past.  Most of the times it’s a false alarm but some times boy that kid has laid out a doozy for us.   So we of course thinking our child is a genius and is all set to be trained, we ran out and bought him a potty.    We have him sit there occasionally but it doesn’t last long.  This is not the part that amuses me.  Its that now our life, in yet another aspect has become a teaching moment.  At least once a day I say Mommy has to go potty and I bring him in there with me where he proceeds to sit on the bathroom floor in an effort to mimic me.  We do ceremonial dumps of his poop in the toilet and say bye bye as it flushes away.  And in a moment that I wish I had seen, apparently Ben poked his head thru Daddy’s legs as Daddy was showing him a stand up potty moment.    Luckily everyone escaped unscathed in that one.

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