Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year New Blog Promise/Goal

Ok yes, we admit it, we're slackers. Somewhere between late night/early morning diaper changes, ramped up work schedules, and the fact that we now have to chase, nay sprint, after a chid who is hell bent on running after his brother from another mother (our dog Max), the blog got put on hold.

Now as with all new years resolutions we start 2011 afresh and with new goals. One of our goals is to keep up with the blog this year - we'll see how far we get. So far - we're 1 for 1 on 1.1.11!

Let's recap (For those of you who might still have this in your readers), some of our favorite things that happened while we were...unblogging.

Matt's favorites:

The weeks leading up to and after Halloween were great. One of my all time favorite pictures occurred when we took Ben to a farm in Maryland. It was there where he got to go on his first hay ride, pick out pumpkins and play with goats. The farm also had an air cannon for some good ol' fashion pumpkin chunkin'- an event that I'm excited to watch Ben grow into. And it was there where I got to take one of my favorite pictures of 2010 with Ben. (now hanging with pride in our family room).

My colleagues Lindsay, Whitney, and Karen from work purchased a Meerkat outfit from, where else, the Discovery Store, which we outfitted him in for Halloween. He wasn't too big of a fan of the Meerkat head but I was able to snap this shot before total meerkat meltdown.

The other memories sort of blurred together, however; I can say that I really am enjoying this all-about-dada faze right now. I say this as he is sleeping and not terrorizing poor Max, hitting his mommy or saying one of his favorite words, "No."

It has been exciting to see him learn and grow. His vocabulary seems to grow exponentially which is very cool. He seems to use most of his vocabulary words when it is time to go to bed and he is stalling- oh yeah he excels at that! For example a typical bed time routine will go something like this:

Me: Ben let's go upstairs to bed now.
Ben: No
Me: Ben you're very tired and I think we need to go night night now
Ben: Milk?
Me: Sigh. Yes we'll have some milk and...BEN DO NOT CHASE MAX...COME BACK NOW!
Ben: Laughing. Book?
Me: Ok...picking him up...We can read three books when we go upstairs. What books would you like to read tonight?
Ben: Trucks...Big Trucks...Cars...Bus....Ipad?
Me: more Ipad.
Me: Let's read this book on Trucks.
Ben: No
Me: Cars
Ben No
Me. Bus
Ben: No
Me: Ok one IPAD Game and then we go to bed.
Ben: Head nodding...drinks milk...plays 4 or 5 games on the Ipad.

Pictures and Lori's favorites to be added during next nap!

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