Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Son is a Narcissist

I think my son is in love with himself and it makes me laugh. I was wondering when that moment of self realization would happen. The other day I caught him looking at the reflection of himself and saying "Hi Ben!" and then just doubling over in laughter. Then last night Lori told me that he was standing in front of the bedroom mirror flirting with himself, blowing kisses and trying to give a hug...sigh we still haven't figured out inanimate objects yet.

His dad, of course not a narcissist, loves to tell a good story and be a ham...could I be seeing a little me evolve?

Ben's even figured out how to find the video camera on my iPhone and film himself. Here's the world premiere of Big Ben Goes For A Ride - starring Benjamin Monjan.

We definitely have our hands full and I'm so much in love with my little there you go Ben -you already have three people in your family home very much in love with you - your mother, your father....and yourself :)

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