Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here are a list of my favorite words with Ben

Ben's vocabulary is growing exponentially. I am always impressed...no amazed..when he points to something and then says it out loud. For example Ben and I were hanging out in the basement this morning and he was pointing out pictures to me. "Oval, Square, Apple, Bear" are rattled off in quick succession. However, I had to take pause when he pointed to the Stop Sign and he says 'oct-gon'. WHAT??? Ben what did you just say? "Boo" (that's blue but we have trouble with L). "No, Ben, this," I say pointing to the stop sign again, "apple," he says.

iPad and iPhone are probably two of Ben's most oft-repeated words and he definitely can tell which one is which. In fact, a common morning conversation often goes like this: "iPad, iPhone, Bear, Milk." All of these items get passed to Ben, who then holds onto each like some crazy toddler hoarder, and turns to mom or dad and says "maxy?"

It's the "Maxy" that just melts my heart. I genuinely think that he loves his dog - all though he might not show it so well some times. But among all of Ben's words (and there many now) Maxy is my favorite. It is something that I could listen to him say over and over again.

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