Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daddy and Ben Day #2

I learned a few things today. 
  1. You never really want to hear the words "Pew" or "Ewww" anytime after a nap or long sleep.  They are usually indicative of some sticky smelliness that will instantly send your gag reflexes to def-con 1.
  2. Ben is as stubborn as I am - when did that happen?  He knows what he wants and when, where, and how he is going to get it.  It was this premise that dictated when we were going to eat, sleep, play or watch lots of YouTube videos in mommy's "awface" today.
  3. Time out is really losing its meaning.  There was a point in which he went to smack Maxy on the rump and I asked Ben if he wanted to be in time out.  He looked at me and said "Yes."
  4. He really is super smart and is getting into the repeating phase.  When he hung up the phone during mid-conversation with a friend this morning I said "sh%t."  Ben immediately looked up at me, smiled and said "sheet."
  5. He loves Garlic Hummus.  It makes his breath smells like...well refer to point #1
Even though, at the end of the day I was a zombie, at some point had poop flung at me, and was still scared that he wasn't drinking enough fluids -  I also learned that this time together was precious and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  That feeling was sealed when Ben flung his arms around me and said "I wuv you."

I love you too Ben

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  1. Although I have laffed and laffed at your expense, the last paragraph sums it all up....and this time, brought a tear to my eyes. You may have rough spots, but being a Dad (or Mom) is the best feeling in the world when those lil eyes look to you and squeeze your heart like they can...with I love you, or an I'm sorry.

    Ann Marie