Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Ben and Daddy Weekend

If you would have told me 1 year ago that my Friday nights would no longer be pizza/wings and beer but rather juice boxes and the Fresh Beat Band I would have first said...what the heck is the Fresh Beat Band?

Fast forward to the present and you get a father and son weekend while Mom is out getting some much needed R-n-R.  To quote our new favorite music interest, "...and it goes a little something like this..."

Friday started off normally enough.  Told the nanny that there may be a bird/mouse/bat (something moving in the downstairs closet so please don't open - yes that is still in the realm of normal in our house) and I kissed Ben goodbye and went to work.

Sometime in the afternoon I got a call from our nanny "First Ben's alright," I waited with baited breath for the "but," which surprisingly came as "there is is a small bird walking around the basement and we can't catch it."

No problem.  I can handle this.  My first thought I tell my wife...then after rational brain took over I decided not to do so and get home as soon as I could wrap up my work.

I was able to get home at a reasonable hour, feed Ben (and subsequently Max) pasta while watching the Fresh Beat Band groove on screen.

Bed time came fast (7:30) which was a good thing and I was feeling pretty confident...nay cockey...I don't see what all the stress was about I thought to myself.

That was before 1am.  That was before the "Dada?  Daddy?  Daddy? Da Daaaaaaaa?  DaddyDaddyDaddy.  Dadddyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  Da?  DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Now to be fair to Ben he's been battling a nasty cold so I went in and stroked his back until he fell back asleep.  As soon as I got back in bed (1:30-1:45am) it was DaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa again.  I thought surely he will stop.  He's exhausted.  2:30 snuck up on us between the crying and DaaaDaaaaas.   He'd even lay back down and just repeat.  Then stand and repeat louder.  I clearly was not going to win this battle and resigned some where around 3am.

As soon as I went back into the room he went into a sleeping position and we negotiated a peace.  I would lay down next to him on the floor until he fell asleep.   And so it was that I found myself doing the worm/commando crawl out of his room at 3:30am terrified that I would wake my son and have to start the process over again.

I fell asleep to Ben's silence as the Fresh Beat Band lyrics "We had a great day.  It was a super way.  to spend the day together" cycled through my head over and over.

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  1. Oh my, another Fresh Beat enthusiast. Kieran is a fan as well and will try to do the dance at the end. Entertaining to say the least. :-)