Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mobile Me

Again we are crap with the updates (thank you Jana for the nudge). Big milestones are happening at the Mezoff Monjan abode. Ben is finally crawling after what seems to be months of ‘he is SO CLOSE’ statements. As with everything he does it when HE wants to. No cajoling, no enticements, nothing could get him to move on the many times mommy tried to catch it on video. In fact there are several times where he looked at me, and just cackled, as if to say, I know you want it on tape SUCKER.

Ben can get himself to a sitting pose like a champ. And likes to practice this maneuver when he is supposed to be putting himself to sleep. I often watch Ben TV (the monitor) and watch him sit up in the crib and methodically throw out every pacifier he has onto the floor. He also is a massive wiggle worm on the changing table and needs to always have something in his hands to distract him. Course whatever is in his hand soon finds its way wedged behind the changing table. Today I pulled out a hair brush, pacifier, plastic bag of qtips and three diapers.

Our boy is extremely headstrong and is not shy about telling you what he wants. Any table food he doesn’t want gets thrown to the floor (Maxy loves Ben even more after this trick). Any spoon fed food he doesn’t want is met by a scrunched up face and an amazingly fast swing of the hand that usually sends it spraying all over him, you, the tray, and with a really good shot, onto the floor. He also sticks his tongue out and gives you a raspberry. Charmer, isn’t he.

We are eating new table foods every day. So far grapes, raspberries, peaches and wheat bread are on our likes list. Chicken and peas are not. Unfortunately peas are also on Maxy’s do not like list so we actually have to get down and clean those up. Having a dog is a true joy on the ‘dump all the cheerios to the floor’ days.

On the talking front we can say a version of mama mama, though he has not clue who mama is. And there are words that sound very much like dog (gog) and baby that come from Ben.

This week and weekend will be devoted to finding stuff for baby proofing. Though he isn’t traveling very fast or very far we expect it to happen very soon. He already reaches for the electrical outlet. I think soon Ben will think his name is Uh Uh or NO. Ben doesn’t look phased by the reprimands but Maxy continually thinks he’s in trouble.

For videos of Ben’s first few crawls check out A DIRECT LINK TO NEW PHOTOS on the right hand side of the screen.

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