Sunday, January 17, 2010

And we're back!

Man so many milestones so many months to report on - where to start? How about by saying that in 2010 we resolve to update Ben's first year more frequently - (I say we resolve to do it - but we also resolved to eat better, be better organized, lose weight, use the Wii fit every morning, and a few more things yet to play out). By the way - I actually didn't have any resolutions but Lori told me that she had enough for me to adopt.

So here is a little recap since we last posted plus some great video of Ben and his new free-style-award-winning-Americal Idol-original creation - the Bwahh Bwah song.)

Now without any further ado. Top ten things that have occured in late 2009 and early 2010

10. Ben reversed the curse and actually wore Steelers apparel and they won! Unfortunately it was a little too late for Ben and his mighty black and gold team. Next year they'll be back in the hunt. Or he'll just wear the other teams apparel. On a good note - we're 2-0 when wearing MD gear and watching Terps basketball.

9. The entire family (both two legged and four) succesfully made a roundtrip roadtrip to Boston with only two tiny melt-downs and very little shaking (Max gets a little nervous when he thinks we are anywhere in a vincinty of a Vet's office). We only had to stop once each way during the 8 hour drive - and that said that couldnt be done!

8. Big Ben can do the following

  • Sit up by himself, my boy's got abs of steel. Look out for his 2010 ab workout DVD

  • Eat, and man can he put that food away. Fruits, veggies, rice cereal, oatmeal and he does also grab for mommy and daddy's wine.

  • Poop which is why Lori and I have taken to playing poop roulette. The game begins with the changer pleading"no poopie, no poopie no poopie (a la Let's Make a Deal/Whammy) amd ends with either an audible sigh or a shout to the tune of "OH-DEAR-LORD-THAT-IS-DISGUSTING -I-MEAN-IT-IS-UP-HIS-BACK!" followed by hysterical laughing from the poop's creator. Which brings me to my next thing he can do

  • Laugh. The kid ain't quiet. We (and by we mean Ben) mostly likes to laugh at 5am or late at night during "quiet" time. For some reason life is just funnier when parents are tired.

  • Blow bubbles with his massive amounts of drool. I swear my kid drools more than a mastif but he has learned to turn that drool into some spectaular bubbles. Which of course is pretty funny - especially when mommy is feeding him mashed green beans. Not so funny when you are holding him above your head and you see a stream coming at you and it pools all over your forehead or mouth.

  • Use both hands. Big Ben loves to grab, smack, pound, push, beat and a myriad of other things that you can do with your hands. He also has a knack for grabbing those hairs right on the back of your head, your neck skin and your lips.

  • He's quick too! When I change him into his bedtime jammies one hand inevitably grabs a wipey while the other hand reaches for a poopy diaper. He can also bang two things together and loves to do so. According to the baby sites that's an advanced behavior. According to mom and dad - duhhhh of course he's advanced!

  • Be strong! The other day Big Ben snatched the iTouch out of Dad's hand and it was like wrestling with the front line of (insert your football team's name here) to get it back.

7. We have also pushed out two teeth (center bottom) and at this point, we're days away from seeing two more!

6. Dad realized that he truly was a Dad. I'm not saying that these past 6 months have been un-dad like but the other day, after feeding Ben, Ben decided to shower me in everything he'd eaten that day - over my bare arms. I didn't flinch. I didn't scream. I simply know if that were another kid's digested carrots I think I'd be pretty grossed out and contribute a little of my own lunch. But with my own son it was just par for the course. I lost at poop roulette later that night too - sigh.

5. Lori claims that Ben can now be put into his crib for naps and soothe himself to sleep. I still like holding him until he's asleep and then put him into crib with my patented - rocker-to-crib-asleep move.

4. Lori and Ben have started to go to music together classes which may explain Big Ben's love of percussive sounds and, unfortunately, Elmo.

3. We like to be read books - specifically Todd Parr books. Thank you Aunt Sheri and Uncle Seth! Those we are curious why you chose the book "It's Ok To Be Different." What exactly are you trying to say?

2. Ben's smile. I can't tell you how much that thing can bring you out of a funk, be the ultimate welcome home, and make my heart sing. I love that smile.

1. Ben's started to be more vocal which is why I am including his debut hit single the "Bwah Bwah song" here. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts!

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