Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The days they are a flying

Every day I think to myself, today i will post something on the blog. And every night I say to Matt, why dont you post something on the blog. And then when I finally get down to writing something I realize its been weeks since we posted. Bad parents.

Its crazy that Ben's five month old milestone is coming up so soon. On one hand it seems like such a short time but on the other hand it seems like we've had him forever, and on the other hand sometimes I wish we could just have a weekend afternoon off from having him. Yes I know I have three hands listed above, but quite honestly after becoming a mom, I realize I do have more than two hands or at least I must in order to get all that I get done with a kid in my arms!

Today Ben took his first ride in his real stroller (not the car seat and snap and go). According to Nanny Sharon he was enthralled with it. He does look like such a little niblet in it though. For some reason this picking of the stroller was such an ordeal for me. I must have read every review in the world, and test drove at least ten in the stores (Babies R Us shakes when they see me and the Nanny go down that aisle!). Thanks Aunt Ness for the gift card that we used to get the stroller.

Tonight I am writing this with hopes that there really is some truth to the 'cereal helps them sleep better myth'. Matt and I are about to embark on some tough love with Ben and letting him cry at night and not plopping him automatically in the car seat just so we can get some sleep. Currently we are on a feeding which leads to him not being able to get back to sleep in bed because he becomes the rolling maniac, and then mom saids "F it" through him in the car seat. Though the car seat keeps him quiet for a while it does not stop him from his 4 or 5 am I AM UP AND READY TO PLAY yapping session. I love my son but good god the high pitched yelling and talking is making me insane. He is in such a good mood when he wakes up and wants us to join in the fun. When Matt's not around I just put on Sprout TV, turn the car seat towards the TV and try to fall back asleep or try and fight to open my eyes. Here's to hoping that TV really does not rot the brain...

I have to laugh though. When we interviewed the Nanny we said we dont want our kid watching TV. So what do we do when she's not around, plop him with us in front of the set. In the mornings we watch the Today show, in the afternoons we cycle between 90210 (I've explained the Dylan, Brenda, Kelly love triangle to him countless times) or something on Bravo. I have to laugh when Matt is watching him downstairs and I find Ben tucked in the crook of Matt's arm, enamored with whatever Discovery show he's got on.

It really is easier to take a stand on parenting... before you have a kid.

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