Friday, September 18, 2009

Roll with it Baby

I know that significant milestones should not be met with the thought of ‘oh crap’ but that was my first instinct this week when Ben rolled over for the first time. I got a good early preview of this feat the other morning when he was in his cranky I don’t want to go back to sleep even though its 5:30 and mommy wants to lull me back to sleep mode. He was half awake when I put him down swaddled. I went to pat the dog, hoping he would settle himself down. Instead the burrito was face down in the crib when I came back a minute later. Don’t worry grandparents he had his head to the side but my first thought was oh good lord, the easy days are over. The days of ‘stay here on the changing table while I go across the room to get an outfit for today’, the ‘days of wait here on the bed so I can pee’, the days of let me put you here while mommy goes to write her blog, are OVER. Later that day when down for a nap he flipped full over for the first time.

Nanny Sharon started this week and since then he’s been rolling every so often. Nanny Sharon thinks I am nuts because now that he does this I am too scared to let him sleep all night in his bed for fear that he will suffocate himself. He is after all still just a niblet and only three months old. Damn him for being advanced. Even the pediatrician I think stifled a laugh when I called them. Oh well I am a first time mom I am supposed to be paranoid… right? Needless to say the swaddle is out of our lives for good. I will miss you swaddle. Though Ben hated you, you kept him asleep for longer and you spawned the Ben Burrito song.

We are loving having Nanny Sharon here. She is putting Ben thru his paces. They sing, read books, practice flipping, do work outs and take a lot of walks. She’s been teaching Ben to go to sleep on his own rather than mommy’s previous method of having him drink himself milk drunk and pass out. Ben is getting pretty decent at it, doesn’t really cry but does amuse himself for a while before falling asleep.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

YOWSA. Ben is three months old already. On one hand it feels like such a short time, but on the other hand it feels like he’s been with us forever. He’s transformed so much from a boring lump to quite the funny kid with his oh so serious quizzical expressions, big cheeked smiles, coo and YELLS. So far on his resume he has skills such as ‘able to keep head straight without support’, ‘able to stand a good five seconds of open mouthed kisses from max before complaining’, ‘able to sing along with mommy to old standards such as whitesnake, meatloaf and guns n’ roses’, and ‘able to bring parents out of any bad mood by standing or sitting on their laps and gurgling away.’

Ben has decided to celebrate this milestone by going thru what we think it a growth spurt so he’s waking up more at night RAVENOUS. He’s breaking out of his swaddle and sucking on his hand with such intensity that when you go in there to pick him up and break the hand suction he becomes a yelling fool. Hopefully this will only last a few days.

This is my first week back at work but the nanny doesn’t start til next week so Ben has spent some significant time in my office in his bouncy chair. He really loves holding his soft toys and of course trying to put them all in his mouth. There is also quite a bit of dancing going on. Judging by his not smooth moves, I can see he will take after daddy in that department. If only he would nap like daddy…

I am so very excited for Nanny Sharon to start next week. She seems very high energy and I am excited for Ben to get some quality one on one person time during the day and not just be vibrating away in his bouncy. I am hoping she helps us out with developing sleep habits. I tried a few times to put him down without the swaddle or while awake and it hasn’t gone well. Given that I am multitasking with kid and work I have been taking the easy way out and swaddling him then feeding him while swaddled which on a good day puts him asleep within minutes, sometimes under a minute. Would love any feedback on developing good sleep habits – whats worked for you and what hasn’t and when to start trying techniques. I’ve got some books but haven’t had the time to really sit and read them