Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Wild And Crazy Time

Yesterday I'm sure we broke some sort of noise ordinance and may have turned Ben from a quiet and serious Ben into an OH-MY-GOD-I-CAN-MAKE-SOME-NOISE Ben.

It all started innocently enough. First Uncle Tim came down from NY to visit and hang out. We chilled at a Gastro Pub (Ben was with grandma and grandpa) and came home and quietly talked while Cat Stevens sung soothingly in the background.

And then the Lipshultz family came and brought the party. We had so much fun with Zack, Becca, Pete, Andy and Wendy. And boy did they bring in the noise and bring in the funk. Actually to be fair, after eating Lori's Mac-n-Cheese and chasing it with make-your-own-sundaes, I think it was me who brought in the funk.

And when the party reached one of its many dins, and Ben was down for a "nap" I heard Andy bust out his Dad voice and yell - ALRIGHT GUYS, ENOUGH, BEN IS TRYING TO SLEEP! Which worked long enough for everyone to pause, look at Andy questioningly and then resume the cacophony of bad puns, MP3 interviews and raucous renditions of the Ben Burrito Song.

We had a blast as did Ben. I liken the party to the Cat in Hat - the part where the parents are out and everything becomes a blur of sound and motion.

And although he was a little unsure at first, he certainly was a fan of the Lipshultz clan at the end. He loved interacting with Pete and being sung to and receiving zerberts from Becca and Zack.

At the end, when everyone went home and Lori and I were tucked into bed, she summed up the evening the best with a "whew...are we sure we want another?"

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