Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a long strange trip it's been

I really am thanking my lucky stars to be raising a child in this, the 21st Century.

Forget all of this digital native vs immigrant jargon - let's give a virtual shout out/high five to the digital dads and megabyte moms out there.

Work has me back out on the road preaching about the merits of a flat and technology-driven world. And what a truly cool world it is

Here are some neat things that I have taken advantage of:

A free voice and video service that is delivered over the web. Skype gives me the ability to communicate over the web - for free. I can Skype with Big Ben and his mom and SEE and TALK with them. I was in the Philly airport the other day and got to see Big Ben coo, churtle, and sing - in real time. I can only imagine what that conversation must have sounded like on the other side of my monitor screen.

Segue to Granparents 2.0
I live twenty minutes from my parents yet, once they found out about Skype, my mom now asks me if we can get on a skype call together...even though we could easily do it face to face. And we Skype with Lori's parents too- only we have to call them on the analog phone first, wait until their computer boots up, and then open a call via Skype and proceed through a series of "ok can you see me now?"and "hang up your phone now...no your phone...yes I can hear you.." Still it is a really cool tool.

I also love posting and reading your comments on this blog.
It has really been comforting to know that what we experience with Ben is not unique but has been experienced by the collective. Building our personal network has been a neat experience and I can't wait to see what Ben will contribute when he lends his voice and words to this blog.

This has been a great place for us to store and share our pictures and video. We do pay a small yearly fee but it is well worth it. When people ask me if I have pictures of Ben it as simple as pulling up our family Flickr page. You can also convert your photos to a bound book, make posters, with your images and more with this site.

Ok I admit it. I resisted Facebook for a while. In fact I didn't get into it until Ben came along. I still pretty much just post things about him there - it is more like my Ben book. But I do enjoy reading about friends and connecting with people from my past. I am also really addicted to Mafia Wars and Poker- damn it :) Mom and Dad you are welcome to be my Facebook friend - and with all of your travel I think your posts will prove to be more interesting - just no "I love you so much from mummy" on my Wall.

Truly weird, disturbing and oh so funny.

Other things I am looking forward to using with my friends and family include

Animoto.com Take still images and video and give them an MTV spin

Glogster.com I have seen my friend Traci B do amazing things with this site. Basically you can make digital animated posters with this tool and I am looking forward to seeing how I can use this with friends and fam. I'm thinking Holiday Card 2.0?

Voicethread.com This site lets you upload images and video that other people an then comment on and share. How much fun would it be to collaborate on a friend/family message?

Blabberize.com One my absolute favorite sites. Upload a picture and make it talk with this free and fun tool. I mean where else could you do something like this?

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