Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stealing Some ZZZ's

If you didn't know me you would think I was a narcoleptic.

I now find that, whenever possible, I am trying to get a quick nap in. If I am on a plane my eyelids feel like two sandbags even before I have buckled myself in. If I'm at home I find refuge in the bathroom. If I'm in a cab, I don't mind if they take the long way to my destination.

I now understand what my mom meant when she said "I am not sleeping, I am just resting my eyes." Case in point - I recently got excited to be in an elevator so that I could close my eyes for a quick ten second dream.

At home I find my mind is aways doing bed math before I have to get up forwork. Here are some calculations:

  • Am I too stubbly? Maybe if I don't shave today I can squeeze out ten minutes extra sleep
  • If I take a ten minute shower, I can get 15 more minutes of quality pillow time.

These calculations sound good but,unfortunately; never pan out.

And why is it that I always find the most comfortable sleeping position minutes before my alarm goes off?

Even as I am creating this post I am debating just closing my eyes and ddhdhudejkdjnddfk

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