Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mom’s Random Ramblings….

For those keeping score, at his two month appt Ben was 12.1lbs, 25 inches and his noggin was 15 inches. I thought for sure they’d tell me he was way too big but apparently he’s only in the 55th percentile… My mom compared this to my baby book and I was about 13lbs. Funny enough when she looked at the baby book she saw that I was sleeping through the night at one month old, and eating solids. Ben you are behind!

Ben had his first major overtired meltdown the other day. We both had tears in our eyes, but he looked far more pathetic than mommy did. Mommy did how ever have 2 glasses of wine that night to recover. All is well now. We now go down for a nap (SWADDLED!) every two hours and I find he’s much more amenable to sleeping. Goes to sleep much quicker. I have no idea what I wasn’t swaddling him for nap time.

I wonder if I will ever be able to generate the same smiles generated by Ben staring at our ceiling fan. If I could put fan blades on my head I would do it just to get that smile….

What can Ben possibly be thinking when Max licks his face?

And what is Ben thinking about when he giggles in his sleep or when he cries out or furrows his brow?

At what age will Ben finally realize that I keep dumping him in his bouncy chair not so that I can do work, but rather so that I can catch up on TMZ for all the gossip. Does it make me a bad mom that sometimes Paula Abdul gossip trumps valuable time with my son?

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  1. Yes, yes it does. That and exposing our child to anything that begins with "Real World" or contains the words "Road Rules"
    Love your hubby.