Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fine You Do It Then

This pretty much started the same as any other morning with Ben this month. He awoke at 3:30am to let us know that he was hungry...and hungrier...and hungrier until we lost the battle of wits and rolled sleepily out of bed to give him his bottle.

However, there were a couple of differences last night.

First, Big Ben finally slept in his own room in his own crib last night. That's not to say we didn't hear and watch his every move (well at least Lori watched). Because, in addition to a sound monitor, we also have a camera trained on Big Ben. It sends a wireless feed back to a video monitor on Lori's side of the bed. And when the lights are off that monitor fills the room with a pale blue light akin to a full moon on a fall night. I finally understand that song about wearing sunglasses at night.

Second difference - I thought I would relieve Lori from the early morning chore (she had been handling the majority of them) and go feed and change Ben.

Of course, halfway through our change, Lori came in to make sure "everything was alright" And then she went back to bed. Two minutes later she was promptly back in the room to remind me how to swaddle.

By the way - I am not a fan of the swaddle - and neither is Ben. If you don't know what a swaddle is - think straight jacket for infants or picture a burrito made of cloth with a baby filling and you pretty much got it. But mom swears by it so we do it.

So I say, yes, ok, I've got it...swaddle - go back to bed.

After Big Ben finally starts to doze off (we're at 4:15am for those keeping score back home), Lori's back in the nursery- "I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable putting the swaddle on" she says.

So much for relieving - I'm thinking.

Ben gets swaddled - Lori's back in Bed - I'm rocking Ben to sleep. It is 4:30am, I hear baby snores, Max the family dog, is dreaming of something fun, and all is right with the world.

I put Ben down in his crib. Carefully walk out of the room and gently insert myself back into bed.

Two minutes later - that right world - has gone wrong. Ben is crying and my wife is saying "you did it wrong. You are supposed to make sure he's sleeping" and here's the kicker ...

"I think you do this on purpose so that I have to get out of bed and rock him to sleep!"


So as we proceed to have a 5:00 am "discussion" Ben falls quiet and I feel vindicated. And just as I'm about to retort something smart...something to show off my Big Ben skills, Ben lets loose and blows my baby cred out of the water. I don't even say anything. I don't look over at Lori - I don't want to acknowledge -I just get up and try to make it right.

This time I'm in there for what feels like 15-20 minutes. He's got to be in a deep sleep now. I make it back to bed and...let's just say Lori had to take the rest of the shift.


  1. in my defense.... Ben did bust out of Matt's swaddle with both hands! xoxox Lori

  2. Whoo hoo I finally got a comment on a post!