Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Ok it may have been a while since the last posting...the one in which my wife was driven to drink.

But can you blame her - I mean she used the word "poop-a-palooza" in it - and that has pretty much been the story here in month two.

We have seen things that only babies in horror stories are supposed to do. Why just before I set finger to keyboard Big Ben turned his head 360 degrees and spewed forth what can only be described as the Niagra Falls of formula, Niagra Formula if you will, upon me. I mean it must have come from his tiny toes. I was left without words (unless ewwww is a word) and amazed at the Rorschach formula/spit-up stain that my shirt had become.

But it hasn't been all mega movements and bodily fluids. We had a lot of really cool things happen this month too. If you didn't see it on my Facebook page, we are now the proud (yes proud) owners of a Siena Minivan. This thing is decked to the nines. We're talking back-up camera, navigation system, DVD System and this red blinkie button which, although we're not sure, think it may be a direct link to NASA mission control.

Big Ben has also become smiley Ben. Especially when he's naked. Yes, sigh, my son is an exhibitionist. He is most expressive when he's on his back, legs in the air, as mom and dad proceed to de-poopify him. He also loves to sing on his playmat and bouncy chair. Thank YOU Aunt Lisa! Ben's new found love is the bouncy chair and the toys that hook into it - one of which is a mirror. So I guess that means, so far, that I'm raising vain exhibitionist who likes to sing after pooping.

God only knows what month three will bring. I can only tell you that I wouldn't change it for the world...and that's no crap.

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