Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big Ben and His Singing Career

Finally we have a happy baby! Don't get me wrong, we still get grumpus among us every once and a while. But when we do it is just a matter of changing him out of his cranky pants and into a his Mr. Happy onesie and all is right with the world.

So by and large (and we mean large as Ben is over 11lbs in 7 weeks), Big Ben is a pretty happy baby now.

He loves when mom kisses his neck and gives him zerberts (or, as my Grandma would always say, "Patakisses")

He's a big fan of the wall...any wall. The wall, and the pictures on them, seem to mesmerize him. It seems crazy but we (mom and dad) get a little jealous of these inanimate objects as they, initially, got more smiles then mom and dad. Weird - but maybe he'll be an artist!

And Big Ben loves his play mat. This is where he's most vocal and smiley. Take a gander and see for yourself!

Ok, I may have done a little editing at the end, but still that was one hundred percent Ben on the Mic. Just wait until we get Rock Band that's right Babe, I'm still lobbying for the WII. Help me out Blogosphere - tell her I (we) need one for Ben's development or something like that!

So today we start our 8th week in this crazy adventure full of smiles and songs. I can't wait until his word "goo" turn into actual words - especially if its something like "Dad let's play another game on the WII"


  1. This song was a hit in our house. Last night after watching the video Becca said to me -- "mom -- that Ben song is stuck in my head" I said -- "me too"

  2. Oh -- and who doesn't need a Wii : )
    We had Andy's entire family on Rock band yesterday. I'll bet you could even get Lori on the mic!

  3. Whoo hoo I'm glad the song was a hit! Please tell Becca that the song is stuck in my head too. Lori on the mic? Maybe we don't need a Wii :)