Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Wild And Crazy Time

Yesterday I'm sure we broke some sort of noise ordinance and may have turned Ben from a quiet and serious Ben into an OH-MY-GOD-I-CAN-MAKE-SOME-NOISE Ben.

It all started innocently enough. First Uncle Tim came down from NY to visit and hang out. We chilled at a Gastro Pub (Ben was with grandma and grandpa) and came home and quietly talked while Cat Stevens sung soothingly in the background.

And then the Lipshultz family came and brought the party. We had so much fun with Zack, Becca, Pete, Andy and Wendy. And boy did they bring in the noise and bring in the funk. Actually to be fair, after eating Lori's Mac-n-Cheese and chasing it with make-your-own-sundaes, I think it was me who brought in the funk.

And when the party reached one of its many dins, and Ben was down for a "nap" I heard Andy bust out his Dad voice and yell - ALRIGHT GUYS, ENOUGH, BEN IS TRYING TO SLEEP! Which worked long enough for everyone to pause, look at Andy questioningly and then resume the cacophony of bad puns, MP3 interviews and raucous renditions of the Ben Burrito Song.

We had a blast as did Ben. I liken the party to the Cat in Hat - the part where the parents are out and everything becomes a blur of sound and motion.

And although he was a little unsure at first, he certainly was a fan of the Lipshultz clan at the end. He loved interacting with Pete and being sung to and receiving zerberts from Becca and Zack.

At the end, when everyone went home and Lori and I were tucked into bed, she summed up the evening the best with a "whew...are we sure we want another?"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mom’s Random Ramblings….

For those keeping score, at his two month appt Ben was 12.1lbs, 25 inches and his noggin was 15 inches. I thought for sure they’d tell me he was way too big but apparently he’s only in the 55th percentile… My mom compared this to my baby book and I was about 13lbs. Funny enough when she looked at the baby book she saw that I was sleeping through the night at one month old, and eating solids. Ben you are behind!

Ben had his first major overtired meltdown the other day. We both had tears in our eyes, but he looked far more pathetic than mommy did. Mommy did how ever have 2 glasses of wine that night to recover. All is well now. We now go down for a nap (SWADDLED!) every two hours and I find he’s much more amenable to sleeping. Goes to sleep much quicker. I have no idea what I wasn’t swaddling him for nap time.

I wonder if I will ever be able to generate the same smiles generated by Ben staring at our ceiling fan. If I could put fan blades on my head I would do it just to get that smile….

What can Ben possibly be thinking when Max licks his face?

And what is Ben thinking about when he giggles in his sleep or when he cries out or furrows his brow?

At what age will Ben finally realize that I keep dumping him in his bouncy chair not so that I can do work, but rather so that I can catch up on TMZ for all the gossip. Does it make me a bad mom that sometimes Paula Abdul gossip trumps valuable time with my son?

Fine You Do It Then

This pretty much started the same as any other morning with Ben this month. He awoke at 3:30am to let us know that he was hungry...and hungrier...and hungrier until we lost the battle of wits and rolled sleepily out of bed to give him his bottle.

However, there were a couple of differences last night.

First, Big Ben finally slept in his own room in his own crib last night. That's not to say we didn't hear and watch his every move (well at least Lori watched). Because, in addition to a sound monitor, we also have a camera trained on Big Ben. It sends a wireless feed back to a video monitor on Lori's side of the bed. And when the lights are off that monitor fills the room with a pale blue light akin to a full moon on a fall night. I finally understand that song about wearing sunglasses at night.

Second difference - I thought I would relieve Lori from the early morning chore (she had been handling the majority of them) and go feed and change Ben.

Of course, halfway through our change, Lori came in to make sure "everything was alright" And then she went back to bed. Two minutes later she was promptly back in the room to remind me how to swaddle.

By the way - I am not a fan of the swaddle - and neither is Ben. If you don't know what a swaddle is - think straight jacket for infants or picture a burrito made of cloth with a baby filling and you pretty much got it. But mom swears by it so we do it.

So I say, yes, ok, I've got it...swaddle - go back to bed.

After Big Ben finally starts to doze off (we're at 4:15am for those keeping score back home), Lori's back in the nursery- "I just wanted to make sure you were comfortable putting the swaddle on" she says.

So much for relieving - I'm thinking.

Ben gets swaddled - Lori's back in Bed - I'm rocking Ben to sleep. It is 4:30am, I hear baby snores, Max the family dog, is dreaming of something fun, and all is right with the world.

I put Ben down in his crib. Carefully walk out of the room and gently insert myself back into bed.

Two minutes later - that right world - has gone wrong. Ben is crying and my wife is saying "you did it wrong. You are supposed to make sure he's sleeping" and here's the kicker ...

"I think you do this on purpose so that I have to get out of bed and rock him to sleep!"


So as we proceed to have a 5:00 am "discussion" Ben falls quiet and I feel vindicated. And just as I'm about to retort something smart...something to show off my Big Ben skills, Ben lets loose and blows my baby cred out of the water. I don't even say anything. I don't look over at Lori - I don't want to acknowledge -I just get up and try to make it right.

This time I'm in there for what feels like 15-20 minutes. He's got to be in a deep sleep now. I make it back to bed and...let's just say Lori had to take the rest of the shift.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ben's First Bar Experience

It is Friday so that means it's Date Night! This time we brought our little man. And although Big Ben didn't get to sample the local beer - we did. And while we munched on burgers and fries Big Ben nodded off - blissfully.

I was encouraged, and a little frightened, to see how comfortable Big Ben was being in a Bar. Is this an indication of our future Ben? Will Lori and I be up late at night worrying about the whereabouts of Party Ben? Lord knows he already has his belching down. He is this close to burping the alphabet.

Well at least, for the moment, we can take solace in the fact that we don't necessarily have to pawn Big Ben off on the parents when we want to get out of the house for a quick bite.

I can't wait to see what next Friday brings - hold the mayo.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stealing Some ZZZ's

If you didn't know me you would think I was a narcoleptic.

I now find that, whenever possible, I am trying to get a quick nap in. If I am on a plane my eyelids feel like two sandbags even before I have buckled myself in. If I'm at home I find refuge in the bathroom. If I'm in a cab, I don't mind if they take the long way to my destination.

I now understand what my mom meant when she said "I am not sleeping, I am just resting my eyes." Case in point - I recently got excited to be in an elevator so that I could close my eyes for a quick ten second dream.

At home I find my mind is aways doing bed math before I have to get up forwork. Here are some calculations:

  • Am I too stubbly? Maybe if I don't shave today I can squeeze out ten minutes extra sleep
  • If I take a ten minute shower, I can get 15 more minutes of quality pillow time.

These calculations sound good but,unfortunately; never pan out.

And why is it that I always find the most comfortable sleeping position minutes before my alarm goes off?

Even as I am creating this post I am debating just closing my eyes and ddhdhudejkdjnddfk

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ode to a Two Month Old

Big Ben some day I hope that you'll look back upon these postings, see how your first year of life was chronicled and that it brings you a smile and a laugh.

Along that vein I thought I would write you a little poem.

Ode to a Two Month Old

A little over two months ago you were still in your mom's belly.

No one, at least not your Mom or your Dad, thought you would produce things so smelly.

We never anticipated the joy that your smile would bring us
Or the way our heats jump when you sing us your chorus.

In the two months that you have been on earth our world has been rearranged

Sleep patterns, eating patterns, and even leaving the house has all

And in the wee hours of the night when all is dark and quiet - save for the
sound of your breathing.

Your mom and I ponder the wonder of you and enjoy the stillness - at least
before you start teething.

And maybe some day we will be in adding a sister or a brother mode.

But that, my son, is for a different ode.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a long strange trip it's been

I really am thanking my lucky stars to be raising a child in this, the 21st Century.

Forget all of this digital native vs immigrant jargon - let's give a virtual shout out/high five to the digital dads and megabyte moms out there.

Work has me back out on the road preaching about the merits of a flat and technology-driven world. And what a truly cool world it is

Here are some neat things that I have taken advantage of:
A free voice and video service that is delivered over the web. Skype gives me the ability to communicate over the web - for free. I can Skype with Big Ben and his mom and SEE and TALK with them. I was in the Philly airport the other day and got to see Big Ben coo, churtle, and sing - in real time. I can only imagine what that conversation must have sounded like on the other side of my monitor screen.

Segue to Granparents 2.0
I live twenty minutes from my parents yet, once they found out about Skype, my mom now asks me if we can get on a skype call together...even though we could easily do it face to face. And we Skype with Lori's parents too- only we have to call them on the analog phone first, wait until their computer boots up, and then open a call via Skype and proceed through a series of "ok can you see me now?"and "hang up your phone your phone...yes I can hear you.." Still it is a really cool tool.

I also love posting and reading your comments on this blog.
It has really been comforting to know that what we experience with Ben is not unique but has been experienced by the collective. Building our personal network has been a neat experience and I can't wait to see what Ben will contribute when he lends his voice and words to this blog.
This has been a great place for us to store and share our pictures and video. We do pay a small yearly fee but it is well worth it. When people ask me if I have pictures of Ben it as simple as pulling up our family Flickr page. You can also convert your photos to a bound book, make posters, with your images and more with this site.
Ok I admit it. I resisted Facebook for a while. In fact I didn't get into it until Ben came along. I still pretty much just post things about him there - it is more like my Ben book. But I do enjoy reading about friends and connecting with people from my past. I am also really addicted to Mafia Wars and Poker- damn it :) Mom and Dad you are welcome to be my Facebook friend - and with all of your travel I think your posts will prove to be more interesting - just no "I love you so much from mummy" on my Wall.
Truly weird, disturbing and oh so funny.

Other things I am looking forward to using with my friends and family include Take still images and video and give them an MTV spin I have seen my friend Traci B do amazing things with this site. Basically you can make digital animated posters with this tool and I am looking forward to seeing how I can use this with friends and fam. I'm thinking Holiday Card 2.0? This site lets you upload images and video that other people an then comment on and share. How much fun would it be to collaborate on a friend/family message? One my absolute favorite sites. Upload a picture and make it talk with this free and fun tool. I mean where else could you do something like this?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Top Five Things Uttered This Month

1. "Maybe he's going through a growth spurt?"

The kid is always eating. Big Ben's appetite has really ratched up a notch. During these spurts we down up to 5 oz's per bottle (up from the usual 3-4) and seemingly every hour.

2. "Oh my God - was that you?"
Big Ben's farts and/or diapors have, well let's just say a certain ripeness

3. "Here take it"
Offered with outstretched arms and tiredly uttered when Dad comes home from work and Mom has been with Ben for the full day(s).

4. "I just want to get out of the house and go myself"
Also pronounced by a weary and sometimes harried mom.

5. "yayyyyy"
This sound, along with the Benjamin Burrito song, elicits instant smile and thus is often said in the Mezoff-Monjan household.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog Baby Blog

Ok it may have been a while since the last posting...the one in which my wife was driven to drink.

But can you blame her - I mean she used the word "poop-a-palooza" in it - and that has pretty much been the story here in month two.

We have seen things that only babies in horror stories are supposed to do. Why just before I set finger to keyboard Big Ben turned his head 360 degrees and spewed forth what can only be described as the Niagra Falls of formula, Niagra Formula if you will, upon me. I mean it must have come from his tiny toes. I was left without words (unless ewwww is a word) and amazed at the Rorschach formula/spit-up stain that my shirt had become.

But it hasn't been all mega movements and bodily fluids. We had a lot of really cool things happen this month too. If you didn't see it on my Facebook page, we are now the proud (yes proud) owners of a Siena Minivan. This thing is decked to the nines. We're talking back-up camera, navigation system, DVD System and this red blinkie button which, although we're not sure, think it may be a direct link to NASA mission control.

Big Ben has also become smiley Ben. Especially when he's naked. Yes, sigh, my son is an exhibitionist. He is most expressive when he's on his back, legs in the air, as mom and dad proceed to de-poopify him. He also loves to sing on his playmat and bouncy chair. Thank YOU Aunt Lisa! Ben's new found love is the bouncy chair and the toys that hook into it - one of which is a mirror. So I guess that means, so far, that I'm raising vain exhibitionist who likes to sing after pooping.

God only knows what month three will bring. I can only tell you that I wouldn't change it for the world...and that's no crap.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

And this is why I drink

I cant even count how many times I have said the expression GOOD GOD today to Ben. Maybe its because every single diaper change has been a poopapaloza. I mean its been EVERYWHERE. Also he managed to pee straight up the front of his onsie, soaking his entire front.

And then a half hour ago, he produced what I can only describe as a firehose projectile formula extravaganza. From his perch in the crook of my left elbow, he was able to shoot it out and hit my right knee and leg. The stream of milk was like an inch wide. It was so spectacular that I forgot to be immediately grossed out.

Needless to say, it was time for me to give him my first solo bath without help from Matt or my mom. All went well until I came to the rinse off phase and took the plug out of the tub so that I could pour water on him and then forgot that I had done that and moved the tub, not realizing it until it drained all over the floor.

I need a drink.


Thought of the morning.... Onsies arent so 'one'derful when your son poops three inches up beyond his back diaper line. Trying to navigate getting the outfit off while not dousing your son in a puddle of poop is quite a feat. Two diaper cloths (for preventing wall waterfalls), more than 6 wipes, and a diaper pad later we are clean...

Good god if this is how its going to be I may never let my child eat solids.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big Ben and His Singing Career

Finally we have a happy baby! Don't get me wrong, we still get grumpus among us every once and a while. But when we do it is just a matter of changing him out of his cranky pants and into a his Mr. Happy onesie and all is right with the world.

So by and large (and we mean large as Ben is over 11lbs in 7 weeks), Big Ben is a pretty happy baby now.

He loves when mom kisses his neck and gives him zerberts (or, as my Grandma would always say, "Patakisses")

He's a big fan of the wall...any wall. The wall, and the pictures on them, seem to mesmerize him. It seems crazy but we (mom and dad) get a little jealous of these inanimate objects as they, initially, got more smiles then mom and dad. Weird - but maybe he'll be an artist!

And Big Ben loves his play mat. This is where he's most vocal and smiley. Take a gander and see for yourself!

Ok, I may have done a little editing at the end, but still that was one hundred percent Ben on the Mic. Just wait until we get Rock Band that's right Babe, I'm still lobbying for the WII. Help me out Blogosphere - tell her I (we) need one for Ben's development or something like that!

So today we start our 8th week in this crazy adventure full of smiles and songs. I can't wait until his word "goo" turn into actual words - especially if its something like "Dad let's play another game on the WII"