Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is in a Name?

Today Big Ben received his Jewish name and blessings with his family. Mom and Dad felt truly blessed to be surrounded by family and feel the love in the room. Ben, for the most part, pretty much slept.

But it was a great day filled with food, ceremony, and many, many, many of Zack's jokes. A few of them I may have to steal including the one about the Jewish man who made coffee - He-brew.

Zack if you are reading this, you truly are your father's son and made me a proud godfather with all of your puns. You made me laugh a lot today and I really enjoyed hearing your laugh too. And your chocolate chip cookies were really yummy too.

During the naming ceremony Jan the cantor asked that the family bestow blessings upon Ben. Most of the blessings included humor and laughter. Ben, if you turn out anything like your family and friends I think you'll have that in the bag.

We also have finally begun to see your smile, your true smile, not the smile that comes from passing gas (although that still makes your dad smile).

You've also begun to laugh - even if it is at hours when your dad and mom may not feel like laughing. Like take 3am this morning when your dad turned his head for one second as you peed on the wall behind you...again. YOU thought that was hilarious. Your dad still has yet to get in on the joke.

So, Benjamin, my wish for you is that you, some day, will look back upon your life and know that it was filled with people who love you and love to laugh with you - even if it means peeing on the wall behind you.

Check out the link on the right to see updated pix from today's ceremony as well as the past month.