Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Place Where Sleep and Awake Intersect

Recently, I've noticed an interesting phenomenon play out. Since Big Ben loves to wake up and be fed during the wee hours of the night and early hours of the morning, sleep has taken a back seat to wake. But sleep deprivation really can play some funny tricks on you. One such trick is the merging of my sleep and wake worlds.

Here's how it plays out in conversation:

Lori: What was in his diaper and how much did he eat?

Matt: Well he had a full diaper and strawberry ice cream - two scoops please

Lori: Matt your dreaming about ice cream again

Matt: mmmmm strawberrries...

Or did I just dream that conversation?

But its not just in strange conversations with my wife - it happens in email too! I re-read everything before I send it out. Since Ben and I hang out for an hour before I put him back in his crib I sometimes try to knock out a few emails while I'm up. I haven't sent out any messages about strawberry ice cream but let's just say the subject lines have been interesting.

And then there are those five second dreams. You know the ones where you're just going to rest your eyes for a few seconds because you're so comfortable and then jerk awake - but it takes you a second to figure out if you're awake or not? Yeah I get those alot. Kind of like my own personal movie trailers.

I can say, as I sit here and post tonight that this weekend has been awesome. Ben met his Aunt Vanessa (that's Ness up in the top + we've posted new picks here) on Friday and my parents, Lori's mom and my sister had a 3rd of July bbq - keeping Big Ben up for most of it. Big Ben only woke up twice last night and I got to sleep until 11am!!! It was wonderful.

We're going to try the same thing tonight. Wish us luck...and strawberry ice cream - two scoops please.

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