Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This week has been a big change for Ben. No he is still terrorizing us by waking every few hours, and whimpering and crying while still asleep. However we are finally seeing smiles. Real smiles, not the I am currently pooping while you hold me and am so bloated that a smile is coming out but really don’t get your hopes up mom it’s just gas smiles. We’ve got smiles, we’ve got coos, we have a happy boy! I am going to try and get Matt to tape him this weekend so that we can post a video of it. It’s pretty darn cute. And he’s finally staring at us with the same adoration that he gave to the blank walls last week. He’s so much more interactive and quite frankly much more like a baby then the lump we’ve been taking care of for the past few weeks.

Ben spent his first night in his own room last night. I wouldn’t call it an extremely successful experiment as he got up a lot and fussed quite loudly when he was sleeping. We’ve got the mack daddy video monitor so I was able to keep watch over him from my bedside. Unfortunately even the lowest setting perfectly broadcasts every sound that he makes, so really it was like he was in the room with us. Here’s to hoping for a much quieter night tonight….

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