Sunday, July 5, 2009

My two sons

Yet another weekend has come to a close here at the Mezoff-Monjan household. It was a family filled weekend with Baubie still here (THANK GOD), the Monjan family on the 4th and then the Lipshultz clan today. Of course Ben was the star attaction but Maxy our first and furry son also got love from everyone.

Over the last few weeks, we've discovered a lot of simularities between our Ben and Maxy - his brother from another mother.

First, an expression that I've been saying lately, is that babies are like puppies, they are cute so you don't kill them. I remember Maxy's puppy days, waking up in the middle of the night to take him out to do his business, trying anything we could do to make him not whimper at night (which quickly led us to sharing our bed), learning his signals, oohing over him while he curled up and slept and of course many discussions about his peeing and pooping schedule. Maybe its true that dogs really do prep you for babies.

Both Max and Ben have the great ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat and also go from a dead sleep to wide awake in a heart beat. Both display devil-eyes with their eyes rolling back in their head and make great facial expressions and body twitches when they dream. Both seem to enjoy having their bellies rubbed, though Maxy seems much more appreciative whereas Ben will sometimes just say thank you by issuing a stinky formula burp in your direction. Both will practically take off your hand when it comes to getting something good to eat. Both can bring Matt and I to levels of laughter and horror as we tend to their poop disposal. And of course both have wriggled their way into our hearts and have us bragging all the time about their exploits.

The two brothers get along quite well. Maxy will check Ben out every once and a while and give him some big kisses right on the head and on the mouth - lord knows what Ben thinks is going on when this happens. Maxy also likes to come in Ben's bedroom on the 2am feeding and sack out behind the rocking chair or in his new dog bed by the foot of the rocker. He usually stays there for hours -- I think he's figured out he'll get more sleep there than in our room with Ben. I see a great future between these two.

I think Maxy is hopeful that with the new addition, he will not have to be the star of our holiday cards and yet again have to don antlers or pose for Cheerios in front of a menorah.

And while the two brothers, one furry one squirly, may look different when posed for the family holiday card, they I'm sure they will be similar in their love for Cheerios.

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