Thursday, July 2, 2009

"It Gets Better..."

Said my mom to me the other day. "All babies cry and wake up at the wee hours of the night."

"It gets better" my friends assured me after hearing my response to their question "so did you sleep any last night?"

Recently I was presenting in our booth at a national education technology conference (NECC) and people who have read this blog from around the country came up to me, tapped me on my shoulder, and said, "It gets'll see."

That actually was really pretty cool but NEXT MONTH?!?

I have fallen behind in the daily blog posting this past week because I have been consumed with work and Ben. For some reason Ben (as my Lori noted below) has taken to waking every hour with a cry/wail that is a cross between a hurricane/tornado warning siren and 100 female cats calling out to perspective suitors - all at the same time.

Max, the only smart one in the family, has decided that when the lights go off it's time to leave the room and go seek a quieter corner of the house to curl up and sleep - that dog is brilliant.

I've also noticed that Ben's terms of endearment have taken a slight change in direction over the past week.

For example, when he first came home he was Benjamin, then Ben the burrito then a few other affectionate names. Sometime last week he became "your child." And, most recently, at 3:20 am, he was just "it" as in - "Babe it is your turn to change/feed/console it."

But maybe things are getting better. We've just passed the three week mark and last night Ben (not the Ben the beast, your child, or it) slept in two shifts 4 hours at a time.

And we're also coming up on a holiday weekend with lots of parents and stimuli that should make for a happy and, fingers crossed, sleepy baby.

When all is said and done, he is a great kid. His expressions, snuggle time, coos and good sounds (including snorts and farts) make me smile every time - plus he is a pretty damn cute child (said with paternal pride).

Once again thank you for all of the love, kind words, thoughts and support. I think things are already getting better.

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