Saturday, July 11, 2009

Celebrating One Month - Already!

When I first started the blog I thought I would be posting every night. My goal was to have, at the end of the year, a unique chronicle of our first year together. I mean how hard could it be? All I had to do was post a unique thought or capture the day's activity.

I didn't take into account the following:
  1. Daddy likes to sleep. Ben does not.
  2. That thing called work
  3. Time seems to be accelerated - measured not in minutes but by three key elements - feeding, changing diapers, and holding/swaying.

    Often those three things are preceded by questions like:

    • What is that smell? Can you change him this time?
    • You want me to get this one? (often said between 2-3am)
    • Can he still be hungry?
    • Can you hold him now - I can't feel my left arm anymore
  4. Refer to point number one.
When you combine all of the above we were well into the next day and then the next. But its not for lack of desire. I mean we did WANT to blog. It's just if it came down to blogging or getting in 5 minutes of zzz's - well the z's won.

So where does that leave us today? Well for those keeping score at home, I think it's Baby 1 - Parents 0. But like the Carpenters "we've only just begun."

And we're onto you Big Ben.

We can now decipher your 'I'm-just-whimpering-because-I'm-a baby-and-that's-what-I -do' from 'HOLY-COW-I'M-HUNGRY-FEED-ME-NOW' and your 'hey guys I'm a bit uncomfortable' from your 'uh guys - I've got poop in my diapers again.'

We now know that somehow Big Ben came equipped with some kind of baby alarm/sensor. For example, Ben can be rocked to sleep and be in baby bliss in your arms but the second you lay him down in his crib he's all up in arms - literally!

It's amazing - and kind of funny to watch during the wee hours of the night. Because, on the nights when we evade the sensor, the parent putting Ben down does a slow motion creep back to bed, silently moving backwards and praying not to trip the baby alarm -picture Elmer Fudd hunting for Bugs Bunny.

We also know that, when all else fails, Big Ben likes to snooze in his car seat.

Finally, I can now change diapers and not be too grossed out by the bio hazard that sometimes fills the cracks and crevices of the places I didn't think poop could go.

So at the time of this posting, Big Ben has grown even bigger. He now weighs over 10 lbs - up a pound since his last visit to the pediatrician - two weeks ago.

He's in the 75th percentile for height - c'mon Big Ben grow - Daddy would love to see you in a Terps' bball uniform in 18 years.

Big Ben has encouraged his mother to take him on car rides farther and farther away from home - and that is huge as Mom's not a big fan of driving.

I do know that we're excited to have one month under our collective belts. I am excited to see what lies ahead in month two. At least, as my dad likes to remind me on his way out the door, "...just wait until he starts teething."

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