Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We’ve been slacking on the blog but Ben’s sleeping schedule or lack thereof has made for some unmotivated parents. So unmotivated that Matt didn’t even go to soccer on Sunday which is SHOCKING (when we dated Matt would leave Hoboken NJ at 4am to drive home to Maryland in time to make his morning soccer games). Ben must be going thru some kind of growth spurt because he is fussy as all heck and wants to eat all the time (he is truly our kid) which means every hour or two hours throughout the night. Matt and I have been trading shifts during the night but we are both pretty exhausted. Thank god for Baubie who watched him for a few hours on Sunday so both of us could nap.

It got so bad last night that at 4:44am Matt turned to me and said, I’m fine with one, lets not have any more kids.

It’s funny, a few weeks ago my friend Tom called and left me a voicemail saying he was home with the Beast and to call him back. I couldn’t believe he would refer to his son Ben (or Original Ben as Tom calls him since he beat our Ben out of the gate by a few weeks – our Ben is referred to as Subsequent Ben or Ben version 2) as a beast. Now beast is one of the tamer things I call our Ben. Beast, Demon child, and Satan are just a few of the endearments I utter as I am rocking him for 30 minutes trying to cajole him to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ben, its just that at 2:30 sometimes I don’t like him very much.

Ben has found his hands, in a big way. He is constantly trying to gauge out his eyes or grab at the bottle. He’s even found his thumb to suck for a brief moment, though he much prefers his pacifier. Once his pacifier is in his mouth, good luck getting it out. The kid has Superglue like strength where you feel as if you might just lift his whole body up via his pacifier because it’s suctioned in there so good.

During out blogging lapse, Ben went to the pediatrician for his two week check up. Everything is looking good. He has regained his weight to his birth weight and now weighs around 9lbs 4oz. They took some blood from his heel which he did NOT like one bit. Did one of his mouth open, silent cries where his body is crying but no sound comes out. So very sad. In other big news, his umbilical cord finally fell out this week after having it cauterized by the pediatrician. It was pretty gross. I just can’t fathom how people save it or do things with it. Sentimental, I am not, it went right into the Diaper Genie along with a poopy diaper.

Now that the umbilical cord is gone we can give Ben more baths. I am starting to get the hang of giving Ben baths but haven’t quite mastered holding a wet baby in order to wash his backside. He’s a very slippery worm. He’s surprisingly calm during the bath process, I expected meltdowns but he’s pretty mellow. However he did get me back by peeing in his drying blanket after the bath. That’ll show mommy. I hope Maxy doesn’t learn that trick.

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