Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're Home!

We got home around 2pm yesterday afternoon and, all of a sudden, it was real.

My parents came over with dinner, pizza, and Max. If Max was interested in his new brother you could have fooled me. But that's ok he hung with Daddy, at least when he wasn't trying to grab a piece of pizza from Grandma and Grandpa.

Ben woke up this morning in a brand new environment and started his first day at home. I learned that Ben is a big fan of sleeping on mom or dad's chest and not such a big fan of sleeping in his Pack-N-Play.

A special shout out to Debbie Blackburn for her advice to stick a pinky finger in Ben's mouth when he starts fussing. This has saved our sanity as well as well as our marriage ;)

So Lori and I tag-teamed Ben duty last night and in between late night feedings, changings, and pleadings to sleep, Ben and I watched a lot of YouTube videos on my iTouch - he's a big fan of D*in a Box (Does that make me a bad dad?)

When it came time to switch off sleeping shifts Lori and I would hand baby over and head to another room for a quick cat nap. Now I could be delirious, but I think there was one moment where I think we actually slapped each other five to tag out.

Who knows what tonight will bring - but at least we have four nights under our belt and I'm told that there is light at the end of the tunnel - or 10 days (24o hours) from now (which will be 2 weeks since Ben came into our lives).

Now for the Parent 2.0 piece. I've been putting together Big Ben's play and book lists. I have already created one list but would love to tap into your thoughts to help me make it even bigger and better.

So I've created a SURVEY (click here) using (a free website that let's you embedd surveys, polls, and ratings into your blogs, wikis, and websites).

Note you can also access this link on the left-hand side of the screen under Big Ben's Playlist (go ahead move your mouse over there and take a gander)

I'm dying to see your responses - there is no wrong answer!

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