Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top 10 Things We've Learned from Big Ben

10. The cry that sounds like a cat in heat is a warm up for something much louder and sustained - get thee to Dad's lap ASAP.

9. The night time is the right time...for no one to sleep

8. You have 10 seconds to wipe his butt or well, remember that cat?

7. We like Ben Folds and Cold Play

6. The little man is as stubborn as his father (but, surprisingly, doesn't like boobs as much)

5. Ben likes the bounce

4. There is nothing better than a full belly of warm milk

3. We both now know how to change a diaper

2. His cries make my heart ache - I'll do anything to make them stop

1. Do not, under any circumstances, interrupt nap time for a "family moment' (unless you dig the fore mentioned cat sounds)

We also learned that we have a huge support network and lots of loving friends. Thank you all for your support and great comments (both on Facebook and here on this Blog). We've been reading them to Big Ben each day! Many have made us laugh or snort Big Ben style (Craig, Jen, Mike - to name a few). And, in true 21st Century style, I'm coallating the comments to make a Wordle to frame for Ben when he comes home.

Thank you again for sharing this adventure with us!

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