Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank God for Baubie, Zeidie, and the Grandparents

It’s Saturday morning at 6:50 and we haven’t posted in days. I feel like I went to school without doing my homework or something. As I type, Ben is in his port-a-crib deciding whether he wants to fuss or not and the dog is outside sleeping (probably thinking “man this is the only place I don’t get woken by that loud new toy my parents brought home about a week ago”).

About a half an hour ago I really impressed the heck out of myself by managing to simultaneously burp Ben and give Maxy a belly rub at the same time. It’s not so easy, believe me. But I am getting used to this one arm world where I have to complete normal everyday activities with Ben in arm. I am sure things will get easier once the upgrade parts for Ben (the non wobbly neck feature) come about. Kid is like a damn bobblehead.

We learned a very important baby lesson this week. Under no circumstances should one ever change a baby’s formula. We had gotten free samples of Similac, Enfamil, etc in the mail and had finished up the Similiac so we started using the Enfamil. That’s when demon child reared his ugly head for about 24 hours. Apparently it doesn’t agree with him and he made that KNOWN. Thank god Baubie (my mom) pointed out that his crankiness started along with the new formula. Needless to say we booked it to Babies R Us and bought the Similac immediately so demon is now angel again. Or as much of an angel as an almost two week old baby can be. Last night he slept in three hour sets which was great. I think it was because of my pleas to him yesterday afternoon.

Matt was taking me out for a Birthday Mulligan (a golf term meaning do over I believe because my birthday was hijacked by cranky kid the day before – see Enfamil issue) for Sushi and cocktails ( WHOO HOOO AFTER NINE MONTHS OF ABSTAINING).

This week Ben got to meet his Baubie (Yiddish for Grandmother) and Zeide (Yiddish for Grandfather) since my parents drove down from Boston. He won them over immediately just like he did his Grandma and Grandpa who are here in Columbia MD. Our little hot water bottle man has spent significant time in the crook or on the chest of all his grandparents. And the grandfathers pay special attention to Maxy to make sure he’s getting his quota of love and belly rubs. Both our furry and non furry kid are very lucky to have such great grandparents and I am sure that Matt and I will be taking full advantage of their willingness to watch over our little monsters.

I think Ben found his hands over the last few days and its like wrestling an octopus to try and give him his bottle without him either getting his hand in the way, or using his hands to claw out his own eyes. Plus he’s like The Incredible Hulk bursting his way out of his swaddles. As much as I think I’ve got him wrapped up, a few hours later there is a hand poking out. Future magician/escape artist in the making… maybe.


  1. He is off to a good start with his Red Sox tee. Heather

  2. What ever you do, don't ever try the Soy Formula. Never!

  3. Loving the blog. Suggestion for the escape artist: Leave the hands out of the bundle. That'll allow him to eat/suck/observe/play with his hands and keep him from waking you up if he gets frustrated because he can't do any of the above.

  4. Good tips guys - keep them coming! We are actually going sans swaddle now and seem to be less fussy...