Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sleep is Overated.

Ok, so here we are the morning of the second day of Big Ben's life. Can anyone tell me when they added more hours to the clock because man was that one heck of a long night!

But I think Ben's look says it all this morning :)
And don't you think this picture is calling out for a caption? We'd love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

I'm going to go with "You want to do what now?"

And can you blame the guy? He's been pricked, prodded, and poked so far. He has also been up ALOT figuring things out since entering this world. In fact last night we experienced a lot of firsts. First sneezes, first farts (dad was kind of proud of those), first burp, and the first of many, many snorts - so much so that there was a sleep deprived moment when we thought we were holding a swaddled piglet and not a baby boy.

Overall it has a been a fantastic 24 hours. Even though I think we've slept a cumulative 3 hrs since yesterday at 5am, it has been neat to figure out Ben and watch Ben figure us out.

Lori has been a trooper. For being split like a cantelope only 12 hours ago, she is recovering awesomely. In fact, as I write this post, she's up and walking aroung...checking her Blackberry.

As for me, Lori calls me the baby whisperer since I seem to have figured out the quickest way, a mixture of rocking and bouncing, to soothe Big Ben. A technique I've almost perfected, guaranteed to go from cry to snuggle in less than a minute.

And speaking of keeping track of things, we've been keeping track of the top quotes uttered since leaving for the hospital. I submit them to you for your enjoyment :)
  • "Ouch I have a mosquito bite on my knuckle and it wait I think its a papercut and it really stings." "Um're about to have much more than a papercut soon!"
    Conversation between Lori and Matt Monday night before leaving for the hospital Tuesday morning.
  • "Oh my God...we're really going to be parents"
    Uttered in car on way to hospital
  • "It still doesn't feel real yet"
    Spoken by Lori as she was wheeled into OR
  • "I think we've given birth to a half pig half boy"
    Uttered some time this morning between 2-3am
I've posted and, will continue to add pix on Flikr. I've tagged them as "BenjaminEliMonjan" here is a link

Mom and baby have now nodded off to sleep so I think I'll shut down and enjoy the temporary quiet...oh wait someone just snorted.


  1. "Damn paparazzi won't let anyone rest!!"

  2. He is too cute... put him in movies, tv, commercials all of the above!

  3. "What do you mean YOU had a long night?!?! I'm the one who was starving to death ... wet diaper ... and you put me in this wooden box with bars like I'm a zoo animal! And, WHO THE HECK ARE YOU ANYHOW and HOW DID I GET HERE!!!!"

  4. Matt, I don't know about a caption, but I do want to know how he managed to learn that look from Lori in less than 24 hours...

  5. That look is PRICELESS! I love it. How about . . . "You were impressed with those farts, just wait until I start on the baby peas and carrots!"

  6. @Craig - I was wondering that myself - now I've got two people in the house to give me that look when I try to be funny. Sigh at least Max is still on my side!

    @ Jen...oh man...and I thought the stuff I'm cleaning now was bad :)

  7. We agree with Grandma Computer. He is a real cutie! And so alert, peaceful, and quizzical to boot. Who could not love this little guy. What a blessing!
    Love Grandmom Usha