Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Week In....

(Mom's Point of View)
Ben has obviously heard me talking smack about him over the last few days where he provided us with a few nights of all night entertainment in the form of his refusal to go to sleep unless it was on our chests. Matt and I took turns at the fun game of ‘calm the demon’ and ‘be the mattress for Ben’, with one parent in our room and the other one passed out gratefully in the guest bed room. Well Ben heard our pleas and for the last two nights has been the true example of ‘fat babies sleep better.’ Last night he begrudgingly went down at 10:40 in his Ben Burrito outfit (see Flickr for a really cute Burrito Pix that Matt uploaded this morn), and then didn’t wake up until 3 for his feeding. In an effort to feed the beast we started increasing how much formula we’ve been giving him and this milk coma thing seems to be working in our favor. The night before he only woke us up twice. GO BEN GO. Though I am sure he’s just messing with us, trying to throw us off our game.

I can’t believe it’s been a week since Ben was born. In one way it seems like it’s been a long time but on the other hand I can’t believe it’s been only a week since we’ve had him, given how he’s taken over our lives (I mean that in a good way, mostly, okay at 3am not so good but when he’s passed out on you and you are at peace good way.). It’s been fun to observe all his little baby quirks. Like his piglet snorts and his head bounces on your chest when he wants food NOW. Or his little “Boston Pop’s’ move where all of a sudden his little hands throw themselves up in the air on their own, like he’s conducting the 1812 Overture with gusto. Or just those bizarre faces that he makes at you when you talk to him or start making up songs to sing to him (he especially liked the Burps and Farts song I serenaded him with the other day). He also seems to be fond of my ‘put a plug or a cork in it little man’ song that I sing to him as he starts fussing when I change his diaper as I plop the pacifier in his mouth.

The one constant over the last week has been Matt and my constant gratitude for our friends and family. We could not ask for a better network for us or for Ben. Our friends have been far better friends than we ever were when they became parents. I apologize for that. I SO DIDN’T UNDERSTAND UNTIL NOW. Thank god we have had everyone to turn to with our questions, with our concerns (can you vibrate your kid in the bouncy seat too much), and for just letting us babble on about how cute our kid is. Everyone’s generosity is just too much. We really appreciate it!

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