Monday, June 8, 2009

The Mezoff-Monjans 2.0

We are on the cusp of expanding our family once again.

The first time we expanded we brought home Max from his foster home. But Max is different for a couple reasons. First, he has four legs and is furry. Second Lori didn't have to give birth to him which, I have to admit, would've been pretty strange.

Never the less, if you know Lori and I than you know how much Max is a part of our lives. You'll also know that we consider him our first child.

But I digress. We're moments away from being first-time parents of a two-legged being. And when I say cusp, we're talking hours. Yep - we are moving forward with a planned c-section tomorrow at 7:30 am. For those keeping score at home or or laying down large amounts of money in baby pools this is great inside information for you to have.

Baby Ben, aka Big Ben is on track to be 9 lbs 8 ozs and that my friends is big - scary big - big like I fully expect Ben to pop out and say - "wipe my butt b$%ch" - big.

But having said that both Lori and I are a mixture of excited, nervous, a little scared, and a whole lot of giddy. It will be the first of, I'm sure, many sleepless nights to come.

That's not to say we haven't been prepping. In the span of a few months we've (read: Lori) made huge changes to the house, landscaped like no other (read:Matt), and updated the Ben binder countless times - do I even need to say who is all about the binder here?

We've also practiced for this day. Boy have we. I mean we've gone to classes every Saturday and Sunday in May. And yesterday it was all about putting Garner Montgomery (Lori's Cabbage Patch Kid) in and out of Big Ben's car seat. Apparently this was mandatory after I accidentally popped the head off of our baby mannequin during infant CPR class. Who knew those things could fly so far?

I also was in charge of putting together the Pack-n-Play, which let me tell you is a misnomer. That thing was hard as heck to put together. Pack-n-play my you-know-what, I don't think I'm ever going to take it apart. I've just renamed it "Play." Forget that packing stuff.

So here we are 12 hours before we get to meet Ben for the first time. 12 hours before sleepless nights, 12 hours before we'll be trying to decipher what this cry means or that face means, 12 hours before we start to utter phrases like "did you just get peed on," or, "is that poop on your shirt?"

But we have our plan, we have our binder, we have our list and I'm just super excited for Ben to change all of that tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more news on Ben and the Mezoff-Monjan family as they embark on their next phase of an oh-so-interesting journey.


  1. If at all possible - SLEEP. It will be a while before you get a good night of that. Best of luck to Lori (and you) on the exciting birthday of Ben. 06-09-09 sounds like a great day for the Monjan Family!

  2. Best of luck, Ben. You have very cool parents...hope they stay that way...and lots of Dear Enthusiastic Nice people who are wishing you the best of eveything as you begin your greatest journey yet.

  3. 12 hours until you are the happiest people on earth. Good luck to you both!

  4. This is most wonderful. Blessings to you Daddy Monjan.


  5. Who's in for "guess baby Ben's first word"? My vote is for widget :)

    Congratulations, Matt and Lori! I'm so excited for the both of you. And, I second @megbg's suggestion to get as much sleep as possible tonight.

  6. Widget's a good one- I think his first words maybe boom-de-yada...still thinking about what his first song is going to be!

  7. Lots of love and prayers are coming your way. Hugs to you and Lori...and to Baby Ben in 10 short hours!

  8. Dear Mezoff-Monjan Family,
    We're thinking about you and wishing all the best. Did you bring a Flip camera to make some videos for the blog?
    The Hakkarinens

    PS - My vote for first words would be "local host solutions"

  9. All the best! I can't wait to see updates on Big Ben.

  10. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures with "Big Ben" and being a Steelers fan I am very partial to the name :) Congrats to the family!

  11. Congratulations coming your way from Lincoln!