Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Me and My DEN Family

Written by Big Ben

Today I got to meet my DEN Family and boy did they spoil me! First of all Uncle Brad walks in the room and I went from crying to ahhhh 'that's the spot' immediately - it's like I was always an angel and never ever anything else... ever. Uncle Justin said so. I totally had these guys snowed.

The crew also brought dinner for my mom and dad which they munched on while I was gulping down my own formula. Of course I was the only one to poop and burp after my dinner - I have no shame - hey I'm only two weeks old.

If that wasn't enough my DEN family brought my parents and me the best gifts! They were so creative and appropriate. Dad's still laughing at the Buttpaste - yeah that's right I said buttpaste - made you laugh too right? I was told I'm not allowed to eat it like the paste my dad ate in school. But that, my friends, is for a different posting. I also scored the coolest socks, gift cards, clothes, binkies, burp cloths, tylenol and rattle. And my mom and dad also got tylenol, dinner from Austin Grill, and earplugs - dad has those in right now because mom's snoring.

Oh yeah you should know that when the ladies came in and it was time to make poppa proud. Ahhh yeah (bow now chicka dow now). I got primo snuggle time with Aunties Jen,Shannon and Jannita and, let me tell you, I was the MAN. I even copped my first feel. I was smooth too. I pretended to yawn and went for the boob - you know the move. Dad told me that's how I came to be but I'm not sure what that means.

All of my cool stuff plus more cool pix are in the cooliris collage to the right and below - just scroll to the right. You can also click on the picture link under the recommended link section on the right.

Thanks again DEN Family you guys are the bestest!

Mom and Dad told me that you can come back for a sleep over too - I'll even share my dad's earplugs.

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