Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting Back on Track.

I know, I know we missed a post yesterday. I actually didn't open up my computer yesterday but I can tell you that it was pretty much the same routine: Cry (during night), sleep (during day), poop, eat, repeat.

However, I can tell you that we are loving the bouncy chair. Thank you so much Auntie-Aimee! This is the miracle chair. It puts Big Ben to sleep. An hour in the chair yesterday seemed to help him sleep through the night last night! Or maybe we just got lucky.

Either way - we had a much less frazzled night last night. One of the things we did do, with trepidation, was wake Big Ben for an evening eating session. And even though we love when he's sleeping, I can honestly say, we love watching him wake up better.

Watch to the end to see why he's his father's child.

Don't forget to fill out the Big Ben's Playlist Survey. Four questions to help me build out Big Ben's audio and literary library. You can find a link to the survey in the previous post below or on the right-hand side of your screen under Help us Create Big Ben's Playlist.


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